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well, it's about romance sort of. Kinda.

Lots of contests happening just now. I haven't entered any (I've been judging like crazy though)so I feel like I can say the following without being accused of demonstrating bitterness:

Contests can suck the big one. One judge is a creep who hates all books set in [your time period/city/nation] -- and you lose. One judge doesn't know that "was" is actually an okay word to use on occasion -- and bye bye prize.

For all of you guys who won or are finalists? Good for you. Wow! Great. YIPPEEE!
Now. Go away.

For the rest of you, here's the start of Lori's song:
"Contest losers, yes we are…doo dah…doo dah…We should head out to the bar…all the doo dah day….”

Once you've hung around that bar for a while, you can get creative and compose more lyrics. Feel free to get insulting about the judges.

And while I'm being negative? That ad with the actors dressed up like doctors talking about some cholesterol medicine whilst striding around an ivy covered campus? I loathe it so much I can feel the hatred at the back of my eyeballs -- ow!


  1. There's always Miss Snark's contest. Entries going up right now. Mine's in there somewhere. I don't know whether Doug had a go.

  2. Yes, Stephen, I did one too. I'll reprint mine over at my blog once Miss Snark's contest is over.

  3. I wondered whether #18 was yours - the line She was a science-fiction cliche, part woman, part cat, all breast sounded like something you might have come up with.

    Mine is up - you commented on it.

    I hope Kate doesn't mind us coming round to her blog to talk about this, but it seems a comfortable blog in which to have a conversation.

  4. Aww . . . sniff, sniff, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about my blog!

  5. Kate the only thing that would make that commercial worse would be if they were discussing penile dysfunction *eye rolling*


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