With Friends like These . . .,,, or, Just Weird** (and not so interesting. Sorry)

I actively sold my books -- I sent out ARCs, did a couple of interviews and a couple other standard authory things. But I cannot seem to push friends' books. (and I'm not doing such a fabulous job at pushing Summer's books either. I guess she doesn't feel like she's me?)

Occasionally someone will say something like "I want to read a western!" and I'll recommend Teresa. Or once someone mentioned they really like zany first person and I said try Flo. Someone moaned about a lack of witty Traditional Regencies and I said check out Megan.

But those are the exception, not the rule. And I don't just barge into conversations about Under-rated Authors and start gushing on and on about their books, the way I did about Pamela Britton -- whom I don't know.

Part of this is based on a version reality: I might have the urge to announce that I LOVE THIS BOOK, but my name is there on Amazon and ack, I know I know her and I know she knows I know her and . . .what about the books she writes I don't love? What happens when I love a person and don't like her books? Anyway, I decided to not write any more reviews.

But THEN I decided that was stupid and I am making a big deal over little potatoes. I wanted to mend my ways but turns out I'm stuck in this peculiar potatoes mode.

I recently joined an online group that is very firmly in the "you will write reviews for your friends--we must support one another" camp. I dutifully went to Amazon and wrote a review -- it was pretty easy because I think the book is good.

I couldn't hit send.

Here's the sick part: If she'd been a total stranger? I would have been there days earlier, writing that review.


Part of the reason I can bellow across the boards about Bonnie Dee and A M Riley (two e-book writers I've read lately) without any prompting is that I have not had correspondence with them. I wouldn't know them if I ran into them on the street and I don't know their favorite recipe for tomato sauce. So it feels okay to say I like their books. I know my reaction is not tainted ( a word that's been severely tainted, thank you Jon Stewart) by my fondness for them.

But honestly, I need to label this a neurosis and Work Past It. Maybe I'll start by putting a friend's cover here.

Little steps.

Here: I enjoy Ari's fun books--they're escapist treats.

That didn't hurt, did it, Kate? I really like her book that's coming out tomorrow, Sable Flame, but it has a Poser cover and the guy's torso scared the bejeebers out of me. . . oh dear. I was doing so well, too. Ari's prolly thinking with a friend like that. . .

I need more practice.


** I wrote a note in AngieW's blog that was downright bizarre and that got me thinking about this again.
and WHY CAN I NOT SPELL WEIRD? it looks weird no matter how I write it.


  1. I feel the exact same way, Kate. And I even have a hard time telling friends that I liked their books EVEN THOUGH I DID because why should they believe me? I'm their friend. And I wouldn't believe them if they said the same thing back to me because, heck, I'M THEIR FRIEND.

    So I just avoid talking about their books pretty much altogether, which I'm sure makes me seem like an aloof loser.

    (Thanks for your rec, Kate! Much appreciated!)

  2. I'm just the opposite - most poeple think I have tons of writer friends - but don't know I write too. I never mention my books, can't sell myself if I had to. *sigh*

  3. This is where I admit that I'm actually very close friends with Christopher Moore. In fact, we get together for beers and darts every Thursday and he's almost forgiven me for that one time when I decided to play without my glasses. C'mon Chris, what's a couple of stitches between friends? You can still see!

    (God, even my delusions don't end well.)

    Actually I know where you are coming from Kate. It's very hard for me to read a book that I want to comment on if I've had an interaction with the author. Mostly because if I really like the person then I really want to like the book, and if I don't, how can I get away with not reviewing it? I can recommend Maguire fine because I met him after I read (and loved) his books. It was on the record. But others? I don't know.

    I promise to try if you will.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I still love you Kate! And thank you for saying my books are fun. I hope they are!

    Oh, and I think Summer's books ROCK! so start saying nice things about them, like the sex scenes sizzle and the witty dialogue is a riot. Oh, and I love your futuristics, you world build so well!

    Thanks for the push!

  5. that's got to be a hard road to run. but i think you managed that one pretty well kate!

    btw....GMTA. i had a post yesterday with the EXACT headline. lol!


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