Thursday Thirteen plants that I'm growing.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen plants from seeds that anyone can grow

by a brown thumb

1. Nasturtium

2. Big boy tomatoes

3. Parsley

4. Basil

5. dandelions

6 forget-me-nots

8. marigolds

9. johnny jump ups

10. pansies

11. cilantro (never stays alive very long though)

12. delphinium

13. carpathian harebells

The pansies and johnny jump ups and blasted dandelions are out in the cold dirt. The rest are seedlings all over the house. oh, and the list of things I can't seem to grow from seed is much longer.

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  1. i love forget-me-not's. they're so pretty. and cilantro makes me sick to my stomach. lol!! and because of that, my mexican food intake is extremely limited.

    have a lovely day! :)

  2. You forgot radishes! Anyone can grow radishes. Big boy tomatoes? Yeah, I can get them to sprout, but I don't have the climate to grow tomatoes.

  3. I love growing nastertiums and plant them every year. I used to have a garden but now I go to the local 'pick-your-own' farm - lots of fun.
    I love cilantro - I usually buy it frozen - the taste is almost intact, lol.

  4. I've had quite a lot of success growing cilantro, and the weather in your area can't possibly be worse than here in North Germany. I usually grow it in a large pot in a sheltered place and it generally lasts the summer.

    Plus, even after the leaves are useless, you can still collect the seedpots to plant them next year or dry them and use them as a spice.

  5. I truly have a brown thumb -- plants are okay for a while then just whither away. So I'm going to print this list and take it to the nursery. Already have seeds for nasturtiums.



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