my day

Shove winter coats into cardboard boxes

Do Laundry

Do Dishes

Find frozen chicken at bottom of freezer to defrost for dinner

Reinvent a modern civilization with mixed mythic overtones. (check copy of World Building for Dummies)

Wash the dog

Get defensive and insist you visit this fine spot [found via Andrew Tobias]

* * * *

speaking of invention, Beth... I'd promised to put it into the next book: yesterday I invented a mixed watermelon alcoholic drink that was vulva pink. I called it a coochiefruit. Today I've decided that's cheating-- so it's out.


  1. Not to mention I find it disturbing to think "Yummm...coochiefruit"

  2. I think I just blew coochiefruit out my nose...

  3. Somehow, I can picture this drink being a big hit around colleges.

    Officer--"Have you been drinking?"
    Would-be smartass student--"Naw, ossifer, I's just been sucking coochiefruit!"


  4. heh
    Hello GENUWHINE!

    I'm trying but still can't manage sex with strawberries in the rioting. Not even chocolate dipped.


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