coming out from under the covers

Okay, the world's still here?
Time to drink another beer.**

You? Need to go look at the world's most concise lineup of blog comments. Summed up. Ever, ever. Beyond meta, into Art.


**The "another" was just added to make the rhythm of my Poetry right. I haven't had one yet. Here's the saddest part. I like beer, but I don't love it. When are you all going to come round to take care of these for me again?


  1. That is absolutely a riot!!!

  2. freedom nibbles!

    oh, you're good.

  3. Heh. Ya know metafiction? Metablog!

  4. I can't stop playing with this - it's hysterical.

  5. yeah, I just went back too. It's as addictive as your corrupted wishes. . .(I love looking for your entries. heh)

  6. LOL - and I was searching for yours!
    Great minds and all that...


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