an illustration for Lyvvie's SBD rant!

DeSalvo, watch out. There's a new pirate in town.


  1. Arrrr!! thar be a braw and bonny shedevil if ever I saw, arrg!

    That's great! and the guy behind her looks scared, too. He knows the smell of Alpha when it hits him.

  2. I really should be writing, but I love vintage book covers, and Frank Shay snagged me. I don't know how to post a link within a post, so here is a link to his bio info:

    ...which you probably already have. Interesting fellow.

  3. I've put it up on my SBD post, and added another one! I find them at Vintage Paperbacks which I found while researching the written history of lesbianism.

  4. Her knee really threw me...

  5. ok, Lyvvie - give it up - how does one post a link within a blog post? - lol

  6. lyn, you use the html method. << a = href "web site thingy" >>

    The weird arm stuff got me, Sam. But you're right about the knee.

    She is just a little oddly compacted. He clearly had a model for Background Pirate Hanging On Rope though.

  7. I thought she had very manly hands. Doesn't she remind you of Adrienne Barbeau

    Lyn: you need to use the end tag too of /a in < > at the end of your link, ot it'll not work. A great place to see how these work is to look over your web template.


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