Fun at Paperback Writer

It's a blast, writing rejections in the style of a particular author.

My favorite so far is by Jules:
It was the best of manuscripts, it was the worst of manuscripts. Well, if truth be told, it was simply the worst of manuscripts.

PBW herself does a bang-up job on Parker -- I just listened to a Spenser tape.**

But the Dr. Seuss and Good Night Moon kiss offs are pretty fabulous, too.


**WHY??? WHY do I do this to myself? Just hearing the words "Susan Silverman" make me crazy and I'm not talking happy crazy. Okay, I just remembered there's a good reason: the library has a bunch of Spenser tapes in stock.


  1. That was a funny exercise - I've seen it somewhere before - wasn't one of the Washington Post games?

  2. I think Susan Silverman drives everyone crazy. Poor Robert Parker was doing okay when he could focus on the mystery, but when he started bringing in his psychoses with SS, things got grim. I got so I couldn't read them after a while but I've noticed recently that Parker is sending Susan out of town more. You still have maudlin Spenser whining about Susan but that's a lot easier to handle than actually having that woman on the page.


  3. Not a Conrad fan, eh? :(

    Yeah, I'm off my game this week. It's depressing. I think I need to get laid.

  4. I loved them all. I think you're not off your game -- yours wasn't at the bottom of the list where I could remember it. Tell Karen she needs to give you a massage too. If you were female I'd say some chocolate was required.

    I loved Sam's too. (had to identify it by rolling over Kurt's name)

    And Rob and I will form the LSSC...loathing susan silverman club.

  5. Who is Susan Silverman? Surely no relation to my homegirl Sarah?

  6. I'll join that LSSC too. She irks me.

    Those were too much fun to write. Kate, loved your H/S one, especially the sky-blue eyes. Of course, in keeping with H/S, shouldn't they have been a strikingly unique lavender, like all the rest of their heroines?


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