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This is cheating because I'm not the one who wrote the excellent last word on the subject of what makes the best book. But I think I get points for recognising genius, k? EAP is one of those people who could describe eating a saltine** and somehow transform every saltine henceforth into a totally new experience for her readers forever and ever, amen.

I got the idea of shifting perfection at once because she mentions The Very Hungry Caterpillar which was The Best Book for all three of my guys. And it was . . a BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY. Oops, gave away the end.

The best books? It all depends. Changes faster than New England**** weather. It's as hard to pin down as the dang weather, too.

Personal note: It makes me wonder when rrrrromance will turn into a very hungry caterpillar book for me. I might wake up one morning and only want to read non-fiction books about the political process.


**I've already had a transforming experience with those dull crackers.--when I was preggers, I ate saltines for the first 3-4 months each time, so that's about 13 months of eating crackers. No, seriously. I ate them without stopping. They were perfect because they had no flavor. I didn't want to eat, I just had to have stuff continuously going down so stuff wouldn't come up--and I didn't have to open my mouth wide to get them in (opening too wide was hazardous). Now boring=saltines...except I ate "ines", because there was no salt on them.

****Speaking of which, omigod it looks like>>>rain. cue: Kate, screaming, runs outside and shakes fists at sky. Two flats of waiting plants weep with frustration.


  1. I think the "Best Book" would be one that when you've finished reading it, you are so in love with the characters, that you pick it back up and read it again. You may read it again sometime later, but this time trying to understand the perspective of another character, and then another one, and another until you've re-read the book so so many times you can quote it at the drop of a hat. You begin an appreciation society of the book where you find like minded lovers who discuss the book, analyse the characters and find a deeper hidden meaning hidden between the lines.

    and then you stalk the author and try and make them write another episode, and another and it all gets really scary after that.

    I, thankfully, haven't found that book yet.

  2. I LOVED The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I still love it and give it to all of my friends' kids when they get old enough to read. Your boys had excellent taste :)


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