other people doing it fine

stole this from twistedmonk--click on it to make it readable.

and for this morning's appertif, might I recommend jmc's list of what she learned in romancelandia? Love them lists.

The Ja(y)nes just visit Scotland's version of romancelandia. They do it at Maili's place which is evil because Scotttttish Rrrrrrrromance makes the poor woman foam at the mouth.

Carry on.


  1. I'm not sure what I learned reading romance - mostly it was all about gravity and what happens when a book flies across the room and hits the wall. (I get passionate about those TSL heroines and alpha males who really need castrating...)

    Mostly I learned that in a romance book, when a woman hates a man on sight, she usually ends up in an embarrassing situation with him three pages later, and three pages later (the rule says by page 19, I think) they are kissing passionately and about to have a Serious Misunderstanding that will last until three pages before the end of the book.


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