I'm blogging at RU

but first I must rid myself of my unclean feminine scent. Now why is that so very much grosser than masculine scent? No, no, never mind.

I need to open the windows and let the lilacs (that are about a half a foot away from me) fill the room--literally since the bush needs to be trimmed. There are boatloads of flowers on all three huge bushes. And it's been hours since I mentioned the wisteria, right? It's only about ten feet away. Oh, and there are scathes of violets everywhere--between the bushes, all over the lawn (all volunteers). Their scent is less strong but I think it's even more wonderful. The tulips are blooming but they're a dead loss as far as smell goes.

Of course it's about 50 degrees, rainy and windy, but for a moment you wished you were here, huh? (Post Kate shower I mean.)

I think I'll blog about good author practices over at RU.


  1. Great article on RU, Kate--and not just because you’re talking about ME! LOL

    I've been a writer for many years and know the value of keeping things in perspective. One review won't make or break a book or its author. ;-) Creative people who expect everyone to love their work and are incensed when it doesn’t happen are living in a dream world. Most writers are “treated” to cringe-worthy reviews of their books on occasion. When it happens, we can choose to cry, whine, rant or hide and hope nobody reads the negative review--or we can take a deep breath and make the best of the situation. A good sense of humor is my chosen rejoinder. If I lost the ability to laugh at myself or a seemingly horrendous review, life would become undeniably bleak.

    While Karen’s diatribes can indeed be cringe-worthy, they’re also lively and humorous. I’d much rather face one of those than a dreary, lackluster, downbeat review written by someone who lacks the passion of their convictions. :-D

  2. Daisy is my heroine! And today when I got a cringeworthy review of my own, I thanked them and talked about it at my blog but tried not to be personal cause even though it should be all about me, it isn't (damn!).

    I did take a moment and think about Daisy's response when I was blogging back at my own place but I never would have thought to be bitchy at the place that ripped my book. What would have been the point anyway? I would have looked like a bad sport and again, despite my disappointment that not everything in the world is about me, I have to think about the examples I set.

    It did remind me of an entry I read last year at another romance author's blog about how all reviews should be nice because romance authors were fragile flowers. Yeah. Whatever.

  3. Yo Katie,

    I really hate to ask you this, but I'm going to ask anyway - can you tell me the code you use to put a line though particular text on your blog. I have no idea how to do that.

    By the way, I read your thing over at RU. Good one.

    Thank you, Kate

  4. Reese - which blog? this one? I don't know--I might have done it now and then, but I have to look it up on the internet (html!)

    It might be just < del > but I'm not sure.

    Thanks for stopping by y'all. I wish I could give out rewards for blog hoppers who post. Maybe some kind of reward system like the boxtops thing for the school.

  5. Oh, I love lilacs!! I have a few useless bushes in our garden (inherited from previously dull owneers) and I want dwarf lilacs for the very reason of wonderful scent and tons of flowers in Spring. Who cares if everyone else is allergic.

    Steal the cones.

  6. Kate, you used that code in your RU blog. I figured it out, it's an s open tag and then close the tag. No problem.

  7. Hmph.
    My lilacs are still puny.


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