Favorites Du Jour

favorite headline--"Poll: Americans like instant gratification" (almost as good as "Poverty Creates Depression")

favorite actual story--"Doctors In Retirement Community Seeing Increase In STDs" (yeah, yeah, it's not funny for the people who've gotten sick. For us middle agers it's a relief. Not dead yet will be true.)

favorite online fiction read--" The Scheherazade Audit" I haven't finished it yet. Fun author's style--so very not romance voice (voted for best use of single word page. See if you can find it) . Naturally I will check out Doug's fiction. (Especially since he and my hussy alter ego have apparently had some kind of tryst. Who knew? Creators are always the last to know.)

More later, maybe. I have to put away the groceries that the hunter and gatherer just dragged home, the blessed angel dude.


  1. I want to know the scoop on Ellora's Cave. The dollar signs keep dancing in my head, I can't stop the bastards. Do they have any guy authors? What seems to be the most successful subgenre of erotica? Whom should I read (besides Summer, naturally) to understand the form?

  2. My favorite headline was from the Tahlequah Oklahoma newspaper, back in the 80's when one Native American fellow got into a fight with his cousin - and the headline read: Turtle Shoots Bird. (their last names)


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