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Summer just got word that a novel will be released December 12 at Samhain.

Summer just got a 4.5 blue ribbon rave review from

Summer has just polished off writing the first draft of a novella she raaaather likes.

Kate works a lot more hours than Summer. She spends more time doing research, rewriting, rethinking reeeeewhatever. Granted the books are longer....but still. She's sick of this writing and not getting published.

Kate points out to Summer that Somebody to Love got a 5 blue ribbon rave review from ....several years ago. And, oh. It seems to have vanished from the site.

Kate started a fad diet a couple of days ago (fruit flush thingie) not to really lose weight but to jump start a real world diet.

Kate is well aware that to lose and keep off weight it requires a change in lifestyle blah blah blah. Boring.

Kate is grouchy. Kate and Summer want chocolate.


  1. Did my comment get eaten? It was about chocolate.

  2. yes, your chocolate comment is gone. It's gotten good press lately, Mr. chocolate. This is good!

    How're Sirius and mom?

  3. Good except for the lack of chocolate. I have Gestational Diabetes (again, I had it with Xavier too) and it makes me want chocolate so much more since I can't have it.
    Yay for your trashy alter ego! I wish I had a trashy alter ego, they sound like fun.

  4. I hate to break it to you, but Summer and I just concluded a torrid affair. She likes tickle torture, did you know that?


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