Thursday Thirteen again and Western Rrrromance

I've abandoned all writing and indoor tasks to address the problem of the three-foot-high lawn**. But heavy clouds threaten so this is a fast post

I'm marching into Western RomanceLandia. Because of Wendy the Superlibrarian's recommendation and Suzanne Beecher's stupid online book thing ****, I went to Barnes and Noble Dot Com and bought these books:

I Do, I Do, I Do by Maggie Osborne
Redemption by Carolyn Davidson. (This week's online romance book. I want to find out how the hero ever becomes remotely appealing as a human)

A Quick Thursday Thirteen (typed out quickly before it starts pouring again)
13 Things I Hate About Rain

1. the puddle in the basement
2 the permanent fug of damp dog in the house
3 the mold
4 the pond in the other part of the basement
5 the neighbor's sump pump that smells terrible
6 the ruined pair of sandals
7 the need to use the clothes dryer more than usual
8 the tomato plants that drowned
9 the tomato plants that didn't but still need to get planted in what was a garden and is still a swamp
10 the far too luxurious lawn and huge dandelions
11 the cancelled soccer games (oh wait, I like that says the lazy mother.)
12 the window I forgot to shut.
13 cleaning up days and days worth of dog shit. Ew. Uck. (I saved the best for last, eh?)

**I've decided the current plan of ignoring it works well. I hereby dub the lawn SEP.

****It's not actually stupid--in fact it's cool. For five days in a row, you get excerpts from a book in the genre of your choice (she has a bunch). A new book every week. I call it stupid because:
1. she never used mine even though I sent them to her
2. I keep reading the excerpts and then buying more books. I don't need to buy more books.


  1. Kate:
    I really loved I DO, I DO, I DO. See, I wrote a review and everything:

  2. Ack! You did a thirteen! And here I thought you were just being nice, leaving a comment over at my place. Okay, I'm off to repent of my slipshoddedness.

  3. I did it, and I gave you a cute tagline, too.

  4. I like Maggie's books - this one's a good 'un. - Shaking head over the 13 - lol. UGH.


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