Did We Piss Someone Off?

Um, Mister? Why you ripping up our sidewalk? Guy says he doesn't have a clue. All he knows is he's got a piece of paper from the city that says the sidewalk in front of our house MUST go.

Anyone else on the block is getting their sidewalk removed? Nope. Hmm. . .I'd call City Hall, but as long as they eventually put something down again, I don't much care why they picked it up in the first place.

Since I went out with the camera, I took a picture of the wisteria, naturally. Last one of the season! I think.


  1. I'm BACK - did you miss me? (did you even realize I was gone?)

    I read a super review of your book somewhere - will have to remember and post it to you.
    Something like dearauthor.com or something. Gack. No memory left whatsoever.
    Maybe they're digging the sidewalk up to fix a leaky water pipe?
    To bury a body? (Did someone in city hall snuff his wife and need to ditch the body...literally?)
    Love the wisteria. Wish I had some. And my lilac is puny and yech this year.

  2. yeah, I DID notice you were gone.

  3. What? No jumpy up and downy?


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