the bookstore does look nice . .

I feel slightly possessive of Samhain because I've watched it since day one (and now because I have a book there).

The new improved bookstore is pretty--and everything is on sale, including LC, which is now the cost of a coffee at Starbucks, and I don't even mean anything with foam or a pseudo-italian name--well, I suppose grande or vente coffee is kind of Italian.


  1. I bought LC last night, thanks to Angie and you.

  2. Hey, Megan, I just bought LC. Surely you're a copycat who just posted first.

    I've read it already, have you?

    And I liked it too--one day when I"m not wrestling with demons I'll post a review for Kate and Angie.

  3. No, I haven't read it yet, but I liked the last thing I bought from Summer--it's hard to make super-sexy books funny, and Summer does.


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