SBD, the tan-purple spectrum (bet you didn't know they were complementary colors?)

I'm on hold with Dell as the Fussy Laptop's latest problem is explored. Lots of flickering! Unhappy with power cord! New cord not working any better! **

I'm thinking about the latest romance I just read--a thick superromance with lots of family (cute kids and ornery old dad). I liked the hero a lot. The heroine wasn't bad either -- decent, hard working people.

But the circumstances of their coming together was coincidence. Then they were being swept along by something less than fate, more like being caught behind someone in the supermarket line. The story was better than the usual H/S and the characters were more pleasant than the bickering nostril-flaring group I've read lately. Maybe that's why the h/h struck me as bland--they didn't pick up each others' scents from across crowded rooms. I'm used to the awareness of vampires after reading too many over the top characters. Nice to have characters who don't scream I hate you and threatening each other with Death.

On the other hand, having outside forces like family*** and not life or death situations keeping them apart? It's just not rrrrrromance--more like women's fiction, maybe. I don't know what I want to keep them apart, but I do know it's dreary when it's the family--not what I want for my escapist fiction, and I don't even have any stepkids. I want them to say something along the lines of Your kid and my kid hate each other? Screw that. Let 'em! It'll take a SWAT team to keep us apart, babeee!

Anyway I hereby declare this brand of romance Tan, as in a nice shade of Oatmeal. And this particular book was GOOD oatmeal, too. I really did like that hero, a beta guy with a sense of humor. My favorite. Oh, hey, tangent time: after all these years, I should be used to that label, beta. No, I still hate it (hate it. HATE it. cue nostril flare) It still makes me think of those very alpha nasty fish.

After a steady diet of purple prose, this was a nice treat. But I think I usually crave something in between. Hmmm. Maybe a nice lavender? (Just not puce.)


** Uh Oh Update: The problem is the motherboard. The port for the AC is bad. GoddAMn this computer.
This will be the FIFTH time I'll have had a major problem with my dell. At least I won't lose the hard drive this time, I hope.

*** Of course when "family" means something along the lines of the Corleones or some brand of Royalty or Space Alien Shapeshifters then we're heading into the more purple possibilities.

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  1. Don't forget "Emma Watson's breasts", that's sure to get you google hits. Of course, the people who google that are a buch of old sickos but hey, at least it's blog traffic right?

  2. roflmao on this post - But hey, oatmeal IS healthy for the diet. Think I've had too much strawberry red and passionate purple in my diet lately - must go back to Tan more often. Know what you mean, though - it's like being an addict, once you've had a taste of something that gives you a buzz, it's hard to go back to plain yogurt or oatmeal and experience the same comfortable feeling without a bit of nostalgia for what made your heart zip at a nice clip.


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