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My mover and shaker (hi Lyn!) has me working on a story for another anthology. This one is supposed to involve fertility treatments. No going into details, but I think all the characters' treatments work but mine. My heroine is not going to have a baby. She just can't. No matter how often Lyn pleaded with me to get that woman preggers it didn't work.

I think this is in part because of my past: We spent five years of our life trying to have a baby. We did everything -- hysterosalpingograms (and no I'm not looking up the spelling on any of this stuff), two laparosopies, blah blah blah-- up to and including six months of clomid and IUI (and if you don't know it, you don't really care anyway). I met a whole lot of infertile couples during that time and remember a few of them in particular. We ended up succeeding and I've popped out my boys since. That didn't happen for several of the people I met and who had the same infuriatingly vague diagnosis of unexplained infertility. They had to resolve the situation another way (some through RESOLVE, actually).

I remember that for many people one of the first things to go -- after the first enjoyable year or so of trying -- is sexuality for fun. PFFFfftttt goes the sense of femininity and juicy fertility--an infertile woman can get loaded down with all sorts of un-PC crappola in her brain about herself her body her sexuality. Ugh. A man, too, I imagine but never mind that for this story.

Anyway, it seems that infertility and smut just don't go together. Heh. This is going to be a Summer thing and so once the heroine comes out the other side of it, still infertile, dammit, she'll have to have fun again.

Yeah, I'm writing escapist stuff, but for the first time, Summer is working with something slightly personal. It'll be interesting to see if she can swing it without getting at all dreely. Serious Issue Crud=Smut Escapism Killer


  1. Actually, that sounds very interesting! What draws me to romance in general and erotic romance in particular is the emotion, and sounds like your story is going to be loaded with it. I'll look forward to buying it!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I remember coming home and seeing my ex-wife with a thermometer in her mouth. Gets sort of scary from a guy's perspective, too.

    I get tired of the pregnancy focus in romance so how nice to see a story where not getting pregnant is an okay solution.


  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Hey John A has deleted entire thread before. Find out more at

  4. If you're referring to ME as a mover & shaker & general all-around's Lyn with one N, and yes, that would be me - lol. But you are so fun to rag on. Y

    ou know, seriously, this has a LOT of potential. I just needed convincing, not that I'm God. It'll be great to work on another anthology with you. You da bomb, kiddo.

  5. N done gone. At least I didn't call you by your other, solar name.

    Waving at Rob and Amelia. . .

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I just finished reading Inconceivable by Ben Elton. Addresses the exact same issue. You might enjoy it.


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