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I got this banner more than a week ago from Shay at sensualreads.

SHE made it for me. Isn't it the business? Learning Charity was her pick of best read of April. (I am so going to put that point in bold. Larger font? naw, bold should be enough.)

But the truth is I started up the ol' dashboard machine to blog about this LC review, not the raving review from Shay or the gorgeous button she made.

No, I had the urge to share the B grade from Bam**, because I swear to God it is the funniest review I've ever gotten and that includes the first one from Mrs. Giggles (Somebody Wonderful got a 72--which is pretty decent for Mrs. G but at the time I thought it was a full thumbs down.)

Bam's review made me laugh out loud and poke my sleeping husband and say "hey lissen to this, honey." Worth noting:

Her description of the cover (though I happen to like that cover, so neener neener, Bam. She's my skank ho).
Her description of ho sex.

And my favorite line:
"If you're looking for a quick, uncomplicated read during your lunch hour, go for this one. Or take a nap in your car. Both are good times."

But she didn't hate the book. See?
" . . . this book was totally refreshing for me. It was like... I don't know, a can of lime Shasta on a warm day!"

Since she brought up the idea of reading LC during a break from work, I would like to point out that book costs less than a Frappuccino tm at Starbucks. Heck, for the price of one of those drinks (at least in the West Hartford center's Starbucks), you can get LC and another Samhain quickie. Fewer calories too -- and you can look like you're working while you read it on your PDA or laptop.

Okay, the plug is over. Now I have to go back to the elegant life of a rrrromance writer and pump out the damned flooded basement again.

Oh and thanks again, Shay!


**Bam just reviewed Somebody to Love too, and gave it a B+ but I didn't have the urge to post that review. I guess because there aren't goofy names for sex in it. (which brings up my big personal question--when will I be adult enough to stop giggling at words like hoohoo?)


  1. Hi Kate! Beautiful banner and the review sounds most interesting!

    Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been featured in a totally bizarre story on my blog. :-D Pop over and take a look.

    You can also let me know what you think of my blog’s new look! :-D

  2. Congrats on the banner and LOVED the review!

    (hmm, word verification is phrog. Is this one of those "cool spellings" like phat?)


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