BEA and RT are this weekend, and details are trickling in from emails and blogs.

Well, fine. Have fun and party you guys. As long as you remember to email me all the most interesting gossip, I'll forgive you for going and having a great time without me. I promise not spread the gossip, too.

It's not like I don't have a life. I had a fine old time this morning. I woke up at 4:30 and went to the huge farmer's market with a couple of pals (who were more awake at that time than I ever am. They hadn't even had coffee) and we bought flats of plants. Yessireebob. I know how to live....ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Today's big mystery: At 5 am there were people LEAVING the market with cars filled with produce and plants--but the thing opened at 5. Did they do that obnoxious early-bird yard sale thing?

It's a great scene: acres of asphalt covered with trucks and huge expanses of flowering plants and rows of potted bushes. Lots of sloppily dressed people milling around. Oh, and impossible-to-avoid puddles the width of ponds. My feet are soaking. [NO RAIN at the moment! ack--wood! I need to touch wood!]

* * * *

So one of the liburrral political sites I visit is dumping comments. I've seen deleting and banning before, but usually on conservative sites. No, really, I'm not being biased--conservative sites seem less interested in dissent or anger.

It's always depressing when people go past the point of snark into asshat, but I think censorship of non-ad hominem remarks is worse. Of course I haven't had hundreds of people come by and leave angry notes at my blog -- wouldn't that be a treat . . .BUT really, you'd think John, a guy who is gay and had lived with the nastiness of some of the phrases out there, would know better than to use a cutting phrase (he calls whiny politicians "big girls").

It's almost enough to make one want to leave a GCW (goodbye cruel world) post but not me. I have too many plants to get in the ground before the rain starts again. And it will start again. Oh, yes, my friend. It will rain again. (cue hysterical babbling laughter)

UPDATE: Yes. It rained. It rains still. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee.


  1. Must badger Ann & Cat for their notes (if they were sober enough and awake enough to take any). Heifers. Not that I'm jealous, you understand.

    I ENVY you getting your plants - it's more than I've done. I still need to work the ground, but I'm determined to get some late-blooming things in there. Too much yard and flowerbeds to go to waste.

  2. Yeah, I had plants. Green ones. Ones that I'd even managed to not kill. Ahh, yes, plants...

    Unfortunately, I also currently have a grasshopper infestation of Biblical proportions. They've killed one oak tree in my yard, have eaten 68 of my 70 six-foot-tall fotinia bushes, and are really pissing me off quite severely. So P~~~~~~~~~ to you, Miskate, for having greenery! Right now my yard is covered in green, but it hops. :(

  3. A hopping yard? I want details!

    Will use old logo by way of explanation.


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