today's reader questions

Inspired by Bam and Dick Cheney.
Bam really does take car naps at work. Wouldn't you worry about people tapping on the window and scaring the piss out of you?

That's not one of the questions. Here they are:
Do you take naps at work?
Where do you manage that?


  1. I work at home, and yes, I take naps at work.

    But when I worked in an office, I had a DOOR, and I used to shut the door and snooze.

  2. I forgot about this...for a short time I worked in a big company, I used to sleep in the corner behind a filing cabinet in the store room.

    Now I go face down on my desk and no one but the dog notices.

    Hey, Megan, no comments on Regencies???

  3. When I was an undergrad, I used to sleep at Bechtel Center (Berkeley) cuz they had lots and lots of sofas. Chronically sleep-deprived, especially at the dorms. In residency, I'd grab post-call catnaps in one of our attendings' offices since he never used it.

    Nowadays, thank God, I'm rarely tired enough to need the nap.

  4. I'm a stay at home mom, so you'd think I'd get lots of naps [or that I wouldn't need them]. Unfortunately, the kids never sleep during the day, and they think it's great fun to see what they can get into [or destroy] if I'm not fully conscious in the next room.

    So the naps are rare, but they do let me sleep late sometimes, and the other day they actually cleaned up the bathroom after they had a water party in it. The laundry hamper was full of soaking wet towels, but the fact they actually cleaned up after themselves almost brought tears to my eyes!

    I couldn't even bring myself to get onto them for having the mini-pool party in the first place.


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