harumph, Linda Winfree

I was just off posting about books I wanted because of blogs I'd read...and remembered how I'd seen some of Linda W's work and wanted to read more.

I posted my message and wondered did I get her name right? Just to make sure I hadn't spelled it wrong, I trotted over to her blog and discovered. . . .She's sold.

Did she hop around the entire internet SCREAMING HER FOOL HEAD OFF? Nooooooo. A quiet little announcement LAST WEEK.

Honestly, these quiet reserved mature types.

(I wish I could remember where I put that note about wanting to read her stuff...)

UPDATE: I forgot the WOOOOWOOOOO! Part of this entry.
Congratulations, Linda!


  1. Thanks, Kate! (And I thought I told you . . . honestly, I thought I did!)

    And I can't help being reserved. I'm trying to get over that, LOL. Especially since I, gulp, have to learn how to self-promote!


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