The Husband Doesn't Read This Blog

. . . but maybe someone who knows him does. Could you share this Relationship Hint with him?

Groaning and saying in a quiet, disgusted tone "Oh, God," at the casual mention of upcoming occasions (mother's day, anniversary, birthdays) --these are not the responses one looks for in a life partner.

Except, hmmmmm, this ignore the occasion response (a link to last year's anniversary) seems to have served him well. Rather than force him to celebrate, I have given him absolution on the anniversary. Hell, might as well. It's like pretending you have control over a badly behaved dog--you see she's about to sit and you yell "sit!" then it looks like you Meant That to Happen. Anyway, he is not required to remember the event this year or any other. If I want flowers or champagne, I'll buy 'em (and I plan on getting the good stuff too). I'm even thinking of making dinner reservations** . He's off the hook.

However the pained expression and the snarl at any reminder of these occasions? This must cease. Instantly.

And before anyone feels too sorry for me, I should point out that the husband makes and brings me coffee every morning.

Although this morning he brought me decaf. (I've changed my mind...feel sorry for me after all. Very, very sorry. )

**Just not sure who I should take along. I don't like going out with Martyrs.


  1. Carol Anne3:10 PM

    I like that idea about buying your own champagne! I'm going to try it. I usually get rolled eyeballs and similarly pained looks. I'm told that on mother's day only children have to pay attention to mummy's. Hubby's are absolved from such silliness.

    Your idea of treating yourself is great. I'll put it into practice next mother's day, valentine's etc... instead of dealing with those "don't look at me for such nonsense looks!"

  2. Have an affair, Kate. That'll teach him.

  3. I already buy myself prezzies for all the important holidays--birthday, christmas, Mother's Day (got a 2 hour massage this year), and of course, my divorcaversary. I plan to continue the tradition even if I ever get a man, too.

  4. yeah, really it's a case of DIY when it comes to buying something that says (as BookSeller Chick puts it in her blog) “I love you, and I’ve been thinking about you,” and “I love you with no strings attached, and I’ve been paying attention to what you like.”


    Reese: The problem with showing him by having an affair is he'd probably think that meant he could have one too.

  5. I think it's a guy thing. Mine does the same. Even if he has fun afterward. He does it when we're invited out to dinner, or when I announce I've cooked something Brand New and Different!!

  6. This sounds so FAMILIAR!

    The day before any birthday, anniversary, etc., I get asked, "What do you want?" (Which is odd because the Birthday is 8 days before the anniversary--apparently the memory is not what it used to be.)

    Grumbling about being nice is not my favorite characteristic. Even though my hubby makes dinner when he's home. Still doesn't get him off the hook for grumbles.

  7. Off topic but check this out.


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