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I posted over at dailykos again--this time it was about my phone service. NAS phone snooping scandal got you down? You can go far left for a solution**. (So far left even my eyes roll at some of the causes they choose to support.)

We've had Working Assets for a long time. I lurve the service and not just because they do NOT charge us when I send in the bill late--and also not just because they gave us a free year of ice cream when we signed up more than a dozen years ago.

I mostly like it because when I call them up, I get a person almost immediately and they seem to actually care about our problems. When we have had nonsense with our local service accepting WALD as our in-state provider, after a few fruitless attempts on my part, the lady from WALD said she'd contact them for me. I warned her it would take more than a half hour on hold and she said that might be enough time to finish the cross stitch she'd brought to work with her. That big wheeze about customer service--how the employees are supposed to "own the customer's problem" --I think they actually believe that.

Plus I get a kick out of the fact that two of their employees chimed in about the kos blog (one emailed me). Yeah, I know it's what they do for a living, but they obviously give a damn about their work. I love that--in a phone company? One of them pointed out that the free year of Ben and Jerry's offer is still valid. My advice is to go for it, even though B&J's really good lemon passion fruit sorbet isn't available any more. Grrrr.


**A partial solution. They rent lines from Sprint, but hey look, they're looking into that whole thing for us customers. No really. Becky, one of my new WALD Connections, emailed me with this basic answer from that page:

"the story on Sprint is basically this. Sprint is our underlying carrier for both wireless and long distance. We have been making inquiries on this for the last couple of months, ever since the spying scandal broke. [a couple of months????] After the latest news broke on AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth helping the NSA to compile a massive database of call records, we contacted Sprint again. Spring assured us they did not participate (and this is consistent with their answer in a CNET news survey posted today where they are listed as a "No"). However, we continue to push for additional confirmation.Qwest is in somewhat the same box -- Qwest Wireless also has Sprint as the underlying carrier. An important difference between Sprint and Working Assets is that while we buy the minutes wholesale from Sprint on behalf of our customers, we don't give Sprint any of our customer information -- name, address, billing info. We just give them the numbers."


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