late sbd: next time someone whinges about posers

Lesson for today: The covers of the past can help remind us that there are worst things than posers.

Sometimes there's just nothing . . .The title. I'm sorry I can't add anything better than that.

Any closer, ya smirking lout, and you can kiss that chin-cleft goodbye

Her champion what? Hey?


  1. I used to say Hootenanny all the time. I had forgotten the word. Thanks for dredging up some vocabulary I really need and used to use and can use again. Damn bad memory. I have to depend on the kindness of others to retrain me.

  2. Where did you GET these???


  3. I thought Hootenanny meant... er... her chunnel of lurve, if you know what I mean. Is she an OB-Gyn nurse or something? And if so, you've gotta wonder how she met her light o' love through her work. Hmm.

  4. I thought it was a big party hadn't heard that other definition AE, (ya dirty girl) but makes sense. here's a definition lifted from wikipedia, my husband's least favorite resource.Hootenanny was used in the early twentieth century to refer to things whose names were forgotten or unknown. In this usage it was synonymous with thingamajig or whatchamacallit, as in "hand me that hootenanny." Hootenanny was also an old country word for "party". Now, most commonly, it refers to a folk-music party.


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