I'm getting a kick out of the reviews. Daisy wrote a great one.

I'm so relieved. Bettie is back in business AND my codpiece of cliche [-2] doesn't outweigh the good play points.

Here are a couple of my successful plays:
[You have earned the Chalice of Chutzpah, +5 Hit Points]
[You have earned the Helmet of Hijinkiness, +12 Hit Points]

still, I do have to face . . .[You have become lost in the Fjords of Fiznuckin', -9 Health Points]

final score:
I'd seriously pay to read a Bettie review.


  1. Aw shucks, I had a great book to review! Thanks for allowing me the privedge.

  2. Thanks for the book and the link. It's a fun contest, and a great way to get people talking.


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