God, I'm so easy now

Years ago I worked on a magazine and then a newspaper for kids. Here's how long ago it was--all of our press releases came by fax.

I'd be ready to fax some writer background on a story and the thing would start buzzing and whirling and I'd stand there cursing the PR idjit who was clogging our only fax machine with trash when I had work to do. Our recycling pile (or was it trash back then?) was scary big and 99 percent of it was from that fax machine. (Although when I first got there to the magazine faxes were on that stinky fax roll paper. Ugh. [And that's what my machine still uses.])

If we didn't have a lot of news or needed inspiration, we might look through the stack for story ideas, but most of the time? Outta here without a second glance. It still amazes me that people spent their time and effort sending those things out.

Today I got my first press release as a blogger, and instead of hitting delete I got excited. VERY excited. It's Harlequin. I love Harlequin. I wanna write for Harlequin. If I do this will you look at my story? Please?

Heck, yah, John, Mulligan, I'm delighted to put up your press release. Naw, wait, that's too long. But your letter, to me! And my name spelled right! Yes. It has the big news anyway--I like that first stat.
Con amour all the way!

Dear Ms. Rothwell,

It's springtime, the season of birds, bees, and cologne/weightlifting/
highheels/shortskirts... et cetera.

Some highlights from The Romance Revolution:

~ 55% of women and 41% of men have said "I love you" in the hopes it
would lead to sex.

~ 64% of men and 72% of women "want more romance" in their lives.

~ 86% of those surveyed believe it's "cool to be romantic".

In honor of the season, Harlequin's will issue its annual Romance
Report this Wednesday, whose findings tell us what we already know:
America is a nation of romantics. This year's report, The Romance
Revolution, took the romantic pulse of American men and women,
interviewing about their hopes and perceptions on the state of
America's art of love.

Because of your blog coverage of Romance Lit, I've attached the
report's press release, scheduled to go on the newswires tomorrow. I
hope this brings a little springtime steam to your page, and if you
want any more information on the report, drop me a line and I'll get
right back to you.

Con Amour, I'm sure.

John Mulligan

* * *
Thanks John! I won't include the phone number you included because that's rude.


  1. That's a phone number?

    I was wondering why he had his IP address under the email!!


  2. Huh, maybe you're right. I've already tossed my message so I can't check.

  3. You're easy alright, because you fell for the brownie recipe without pictures. *ggg*

    Let me know how it turns out, won't you? My address is miladyinsanity (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. naw, not a matter easy. It's like some pictures don't need words, (like the cover of Hootannany Doctor)and some words don't need pictures.

    I can just tell. Your recipe is the second. Yum. Drool.

  5. Con Amour, John you Hootenanny you. Give me your phone number so I can post it a www.hootenannycentral.com


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