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Jennie has created an experimental meme: The Little-Known Favorites Meme. Rules: List and describe three of your favorite books that other people might not be familiar with. Then tag five people. See, easy!

I was going to steal the meme from jmc and it turns out I was tagged. The deal is I list three books I love that aren't wildly popular. Most of the books in that category were popular at one point, but are just passe.

An Episode of Sparrows (and a bunch of other books) by Rumer Godden. She could explore sentimental issues without getting overly sentimental.

EF Benson, the original Snarker. Everyone knows his Mapp and Lucia stuff, but I like some of his other stuff too. The Freaks of Mayfair is a good one. When he wrote seriously, he did get all Victorian moosh. I read An Autumn Sowing but only because he wrote it. Noble self sacrificing in that case wasn't my cup of tea. He's better when he doesn't try to write about truly good people.

The Colors of Snow by Kate Fenton. The Big Secret is badly dated and silly. Meh. But I still like the book.

The Big U by Neal Stephenson
Moo by Jane Smiley Two funny books about universities. Big U is dated because of technology stuff, just like Tea with The Black Dragon by RA MacAvoy is. But I still love 'em for the characters.

Once again, I'm flogging RA MacAvoy. I want you to go read her stuff, okay? Same with Judith Merkle Riley. Just go find their books and read. Grey Horse for MacAvoy is a fine start. A good strong heroine written when they were far rarer.

Oh, only three books? Okay, I'll just pack up this copy of You Can't Win by Jack Black (not that Jack Black) and go do some work.

This is a meme I'm going to pass along. I usually don't.
Bookseller chick
Megan Frampton
Lyn Cash
Please feel free to ignore me.


  1. My mom was just pressing a Rumer Godden book on me. I think the title was China Court, or something like. Maybe I should listen to her this time. :)

  2. OMG, I love R.A. MacAvoy! I've the tattiest, most dog-eared copy of Tea with the Black Dragon on my shelf. I tore through the "Lens of the World" series at my local library back in HS.

    And Neal Stephenson - Neal Stephenson! Any day of the week. I have a soft spot for Zodiac. My favorite is still Snow Crash Best.Opening chapter. Ever. He also wrote a couple of books under the name Stephen Bury that I've been meaning to get to.

    Maybe after I check out Rumer Godden. Anyone who likes Stephenson, Hambly and MacAvoy has my complete and undivided attention when she recommends books. Thanks!

  3. Sounds like fun. I'll do it tomorrow.

    BTW, I've read most of the Big U. It bogged down, as I recall, and I got fed up with it. Have you read Snow Crash?


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