a break from the contest for AWESOME BOY

Boy Two says Make another post about me because I'm awesome.

He is, but I can't find a photo on this computer. I'll put one in later.


Here's his post.


And how come you all didn't comment on his AWESOME POEM? And guess who picked the labels for this post.


  1. Please let Awesome Boy know that the poem was indeed awesome, also direct and to the point. Oh and some sarcasm and humor. I predict great things in his future. We worship "the sarcasm" in our house. More's the pity.

  2. Please enter me in the contest. The blog was interesting to read.

  3. Please let Awesome Boy know that I thought the poem was so awesome I thought that YOU, Kate, had written it. I am a dultz. I missed the gest of the whole blog post. I went back and reread it and laughed heartily. It is a wonderful and great poem and if I am ever called on in a classroom setting to quote poetry I am going to stand up and quote the Nature Poem from Awesome Boy. Please give Awesome Boy my apologies for my initial misunderstanding.

  4. He is indeed awesome although it is his older brother who is currently speaking of himself in the third person and calling himself "the awesome one" as in "The awesome one requires you to pass him the potatoes" Oh and when you're the awesome one, you don't have to say please. That'll end soon or he'll starve.

    Joye, I'd love to enter you, but I need to know your email address and which contest you're entering. See the above contest rules and regs. I'm making you guys work for this contest. (sorry) But I am picking winner based on chance only.


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