bats over romancelandia and school

Of all the blow-ups exploding on the blogs, I find Carol Stacy's response to Lauren B to be a blow-up in itself . . . as in the most disheartening--and my vision of RT is blown up. Heck, I love the magazine and the gloriously silly, fun event (that I've never been to). But UGH.

1. We'll take your money but we won't treat you well and we think you're wasting your time because our readers don't like your stuff--comes across as bigotted. Not to mention dumb--she doesn't seem to know many of her own readers. It's clear that most of the m/m readers are hetero romance-reading women, in other words, the people who buy Romantic Times.

I say the other two batfuck [copyright jmc] crazy moments are just entertaining.

2. Kathryn Falk at Karen's. As far as I'm concerned, KF can be whatever she wants. She's too colorful and eccentric and just out there to keep down. I'd hate it if she stopped being Kathryn Falk. (Same with Karen being Karen, btw. So of course she had to gleefully take KF to the woodshed . . . and show her something nasty. I'm all over Cold Comfort Farm these days.)

3. And Tony at SBTB--if it is Tony--is too over-the-top silly to take seriously. The gomba. Unless the bitches disappear. Then we better notify the police to search his caddy.

Okay, bring on the next round. Punditry is more fun than writing. Speaking of which, I have a letter in today's Courant. yappity yap, yap, yap

OH, please play pundit. Tell me if I'm just out of it and this is perfectly normal:
First, a note: I love our public elementary school. Love, love, love it--it's better than the private school I went to as a kid.

So every year there's an auction and dance event fundraiser. We usually don't go--kind of expensive and I'm kind of rotten at that sort of event.

The silent auction stuff includes some high-priced fancy goods, like a weekend in someone's beach house, a full dinner catered by a good cook of a parent, that sort of thing. Last year, the only time I've gone, I won a lot of beer. [raffle not auction] So you know you're not going to hear me complaining about a public school fundraiser with alcohol.


This year, the auction included a botox treatment. No, really.

If that showed up in a book wouldn't you think, no flipping way. Nuh uh the author is exaggerating. My response was what the heck kind of community is this? 90210? When I tried that omisweetbejeebers that's wild! on the various people from the school, I got blank looks. One woman said she bid on it. Kate = foot in mouth. See why I don't usually go to these things?

They just don't get it OR maybe I don't. Maybe my version of off-the-wall-only-in-too-wealthy-appearance-obsessed America is outdated. Maybe botox is mainstream? I hear the treatment went for about $100. Hmmm, now that I think of it. I have these lines between my eyes. Maybe I should get some poison jammed in there. . .


  1. You're not alone in being taken aback by the botox treatment in the fundraiser. Hey, maybe next year somebody will offer a boob job.

    Nah, that would be our school district in San Antonio. (To my knowledge, that hasn't happened yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.)

    Thanks for all the linkage. This is almost as much fun as last year's RWA conference (that was last year, right?).

  2. My mind is boggling
    I have to go soak my head in clorox to get all the nastiness out.
    What a bunch of hoo-ha for nothing.

  3. I was really annoyed at my Middle School Auction at how many (like more than five) weekend house or mountain getaway timeshares were auctioned off with the specific warning that they were for "Four Adults only." or "Includes two lift tickets to Heavenly. Adults only."


    What does one DOOOO with one's Middle School aged kids while one is off skiing/drinking in the mountains?

    Seriously pissed me off.

  4. I like all those "For the Record's". That seems a pretty effective way to make a pompous ass of oneself. And that line "Some of my best friends are gay." OH PUH-LEEEEEZE. Name one and not the imaginary one that lives on the ceiling, dear Carol.

  5. Yes, Carol, watching Bert and Ernie doesn't count. The brouhaha making, it is to laugh. Ha! Ha!

    Someone seriously dumped a load of crazy into the Interwebs this week, and it's better than watching soap operas. Next episode, please!

  6. I found your wonderful blog by chance.Good stuff and keep blogging:)


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