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Every now and then a romance writer snaps. She has her fill of bad reviews (sometimes it just takes one good snark) and, with a mighty cry of pain, she uses her blog or someone else's, to assault critics or the reading public in general.

Someone like Karen is always there to jump into the argument and inform the writer she's a moron.

Today we have apparently have a cover model going over to the dark side.

Is there a single word that describes trying to kill your professional image by flaming the very people you want to attract or buy your books?

Come on, guys, there must be. Idiot doesn't count. There has to at least be a good acronym.

And another thing. (updated because jmc is absolutely right. I got the phrase that pays wrong. Sorry Jen)

For most of my life, I've restrained myself because I didn't want to be A Mean Nasty Bad Person and because I didn't want the police knocking on my door asking a lot of nuisance questions about threats I've made.

I hereby declare that I will now let loose and say anything I want about anyone because I have discovered the secret. I know the two phrases that will give me immunity from the law and from God's wrath.

I'm praying for you and
God love her. Bless her heart

So I can say "That Susan is a big fat whore cow, God love her, bless her heart. I want to blow her up into a gazillion tiny little pieces, stomp on the pieces and then use every one of them to fertilize my garden, but I'm praying for her."

Thanks for the insight, Tony and my pal, the anonymous Southern Lady!


  1. Is "god love her" the saving phrase? Or is it "bless her heart"? BHH is the phrase I've heard, but I'm guessing they carry the same freight.

  2. I'll get right on the cover snarking, KR. :)

  3. We hear "God love him/her" a lot around here in phrases like, "He's dumber than a box of rocks, God love him" or "Since she gained all that weight, you can't really blame her husband for screwing those 40 other women, God love her." It really is used like a free pass--say something horrible, God love 'em, and you're still golden.

    I'll be praying for you, Kate.


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