crappity! Crap! I can't find the rug Fatima made that I borrowed to take pictures of to put on the website. . . . Did one of you steal it? Well? I promise, I won't be mad if you confess now. Guh!


  1. If I did steal it, and I'm not saying that I did, although it sounds as if it's something I might have done, I'm afraid you will be unable to find it in the the disaster that is my living room.

    I can check with my assistant to see if anyone has recently hacked into my computer. There may have been a document on there which details my plan to travel across the country, break into your house, and steal only one rug. It sounds like the sort of thing I might have written, and someone may have used that idea and cobbled together a plan.

    If I find such a rug after I have lifted about three weeks worth of dog hair from my carpet, I will be the first to say that I might have done it and that I may be returning the rug.

    But first you have to commit to only putting positive thoughts out into the atmosphere and supporting the sisterhood of, um, the sisterhood of cleaning-challenged Stay-at-Home Moms. MmmmKay?

  2. wow you are clever. And sneaky, too, the way you put it in my car trunk like that.


    Founding (or is it foundering?) member of SoC-CSAHM

  3. I'm afraid it was my assistant who put it in your trunk. I'm still not sure I had anything to do with it.

    Prez, SoC-CSAHM


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