See? I don't just whine

I got a note from one of the contest types, thanking me for judging her entry. I went back to my notes to see what I'd written and the answer is, not much. Her entry was particularly good.

I reread it and realized that a lot of my favorite reading lately has been unpubbed stuff. Hey, just because I make fun of some of it doesn't mean much. I make fun of my kids and they're perfect. Even if they do know the origin of "safeword." (They do and my husband doesn't. Great. Kids are educated about SM in school maybe? Mike has got to start reading some EC or at least my stuff. . ..)


Some of the writers I like and you won't read for at least a year are the contest entries, Doug's stories, Carrie L's novel, and I'm waiting to read Bettie's. And my crit partners like Su and Terry and all I can say is I get lucky early, y'all. Ha.


  1. Big kiss. And I like that hopeful 'at least a year.' For me, you might have said 'decade'.

    But how come my stuff's called "stories" and Carrie's is a "novel"? You have a prejudice against virgin doctors or sumthin?


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