why I'm not here

the reasons:
big pile of mulch
sick kid
niece visiting (hi Aya! Congratulations on graduating! Yay!)
the big HUGE pile of mulch and the dog that eats it
dog vomit

I realize that the pile of books I listed on my last entry were books I've mentioned here before. This is because I glanced from my computer to the same shelf I always look at. Considering there are bookshelves in every room of this house, that's just sad or lazy or both.

Okay, I shift away from that shelf and look across the room at another. I spot a book that I loved as a kid is Nobody's Girl by Hector Malot. I don't see Nobody's Boy by the same guy, but I loved that one too. I suspect they're the sort of books that don't hold up over time. Victorian moosh, you know. Damn, I had a lot of Victorian books back then. These were translated from French, I think.
Oh. Ah. another reason I suspect they might be too soupy is that I located this picture on this website.

ta da! there we go--two more titles that are pretty obscure. I can't recognize any other books from where I've parked my butt. I'm not getting up to look, so two will have to do it.

Oops. I take it back. I am getting up. I'm being summoned to take the temperature of the sick kid. It only counts when I do it--he wants witnesses when it goes over 102, and who can blame him. The only good part of feeling like crap is the awwww poor baby bit. I can manage that for a day or two anyway.


  1. Awww - I hope the sick kid gets well soon.
    Virtual hugs, chicken soup, and all that.
    I'm going to read your book this weekend - promise cross my heart!!!
    Will post the review next week.
    About time, right?


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