This Week's Award Winning RWA Drama

The judges are unanimous: Duh. No contest. Triskelion publishing and RWA.
The judges roll their eyes and have already left the fake walnut conference table to go to the bar. They are in need of a few stiff drinks. They award secondary prizes to the following:

Most comprehensive posting of the whole Trisk/RWA Drama:
the Ja(y)nes present both sides and let you decide. (go down a bit to see the various posts about it. They've already moved on of course--to the subject of books, of all things. tchah. )

Best response to general blog drama meltdown:
as usual, the award goes to Mrs. G's latest drinking game.

Most nightmarish story, ever . . . and her own low-key presentation underlines the horror (lifted from
Theresa Meyers, President of Blue Moon Communications, and author of The Spellbound Bride, related this tale:

My book was contracted to come out in print with Triskelion and would have been in bookstores in less than two weeks. There were multiple signings scheduled with Borders and Barnes & Noble, ads placed, I had gotten media coverage, high reviews from multiple sources and had spent a considerable amount in printing ARCs and excerpt booklets for massive mailings out to booksellers and bookclubs nationally. It was the bookstore who was to have my first signing that called me to tell me they couldn’t order my books for the signing and that I might want to contact my publisher. I did and that is when we all found out via email that the company had decided to restructure.

While I understand that Triskelion, like any business, needs to protect its bottom line and that a healthy Triskelion will ultimately be better for ebook authors all around, I am disappointed that in my case the book didn’t make it to the shelves so close to its release date.

She's "disappointed"? Not insane? Not homicidal? She's got be presenting the professional front--that's her job, after all. I can only hope she has a good voodoo doll or two and a lot of stick pins.

Omigod. I actually had a nightmare last night that echoed this story. I went to a signing and had forgotten to edit the book in time (figures it would mostly be my fault). The nightmare is just not that bizarre, okay? Stephen King gave my kid nightmares about clowns. Some people watch "Night of the Living Dead" and dream of zombies.


  1. You know, I just can't work up much excitement for this latest bit of drama. I'm with the judges - let's all hit the bar for margaritas!

  2. How did I miss this?
    Now where is the margarita party? Count me in!!!

    Oh, I tagged you as a thinking blog.
    Try to live up to it, all right?


  3. tracy macnish3:51 PM

    I love Mrs Giggles.

  4. margaritas? *perk*

    my nightmares of late - woke up hearing the letters DNR and nearly fainted upon waking...DNR?! WTF?

  5. I always have zombie dreams after watching one of those movies - even Shaun of the Dead (which is great. Just wonderful!)

    Lately it's been snakes chasing me and biting my thighs and I'm trying to pull them off but they keep breaking, and their teeth are still lodged in my leg, they dangle sickly from my legs while I run and...oh sorry - thought we were sharing.

    I love the drinking game! I've added the link to my fun bookmarks.

  6. Theresa Meyers9:21 AM

    Yes, of course it's a nightmare. The first booksigning was scheduled for my birthday of all days and I'd already made plans for a portion of proceeds from the book to benefit the Breast Cancer Prevention Foundation in memory of my mother.

    Of course I cried and felt ripped apart. But in the end, what are you going to do?

    Drama or not, this is business and if you want to stay in business, you pick up and forge ahead.

    P.S. Thanks for the award...not sure if I should put that in query letters...

  7. I feel like I should send condolence flowers and cards to Theresa. That's awful. I'm cringing and nauseous just imagining it. I can't even begin to understand how she's feeling now.

    That makes her professionalism just that much more impressive, and it was already damn impressive to start with. Bravo, Theresa. Over at Smart Bitches, they were discussing what kinds of author behavior can turn readers off an author's books... this kind of behavior from you makes me want to pick up your releases even more.


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