feel the edge of doofusness

I engage in two kinds of activism
1. the indignant yelling and carrying-on type with the self-righteous quality of pure anger.

2. the "er, um, okay" type. We're not talking horrible cognitive dissonance here. Just a case of slight awkwardness.

That second is the event or action that I doubt will make a difference, might even be counterproductive, feels silly . . . and I wish I didn't have to, but it's the only thing I can think of to do. It's usually political, occasionally personal.

Get out the vote calling when 60 percent of the calls end in hang ups.
Way back in the day, learning how to do civil disobedience properly ("allow your body to go limp").
Raising my hand when an overly earnest person asks "who in this room cares?"
Going and talking to someone who's unfairly earned public censure--even though that person is unpleasant and smells bad.
In other words, standard liberal (or, from what I understand, Christian) stuff.

The slight unease I feel takes me right back to the time when I had to look to other people for my piece of the clue cake [don't blame me for the phrase, blame the damn bitches who also put my lovely lady trunk in my head.]

The current action is a non-event. Not nearly as embarrassing as holding a sign at a candle-light vigil. I'm backing out Romantic Times ads until this whole m/m thing is cleared up. And I just turned down a chance at a partially sponsored ad. This isn't right up there with dressing up as a bloody victim of a war--hey, I was young, okay?--but it has the same kind of errr umm feel to it.

I wouldn't be doing this if Carol Stacy hadn't written that unpleasant note to Lauren B. Blast it all.


  1. cricket4:01 AM

    Good for you for backing out of the Romantic Times adds. The behavior of the RT staff has been awful.


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