oh BOY!

Mrs. G has a new paranormal romance drinking game up.

Yes, this is perfect. From the URBAN FANTASY SECTION:

There are a vampire and a werewolf love interest in the same book - 6 sips.
Heroine has sex with one or both under the influence of some horndog spell - 8 sips.
Sex apparently augments her powers - 11 sips.
And gives her special new powers - 12 sips.
Hero wants to impregnate her because their baby will be special - 16 sips.
So does the bad guy. To impregnate the heroine, that is - 17 sips.
By Book Four of the series, everyone is either shagging or wanting desperately to shag the heroine - 26 sips.

I love them romance drinking games! I'm off to find more. Didn't Darla do one about Scottish romances? (Mrs. G has more)

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