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A lot of my 8 things are about other people because I'm dull, but here you go.

1. My grandfather invented the x-acto knife. Sundel invented the damn thing and I think it even says so at the official website. Sunny (and I hear he was something of a mournful grouch) was an inventor all his life. So there, Louise.

2. Louise, my cousin (actually my mother's cousin) was US poet laureate** and in interviews has said her father did.. . The story I've heard is that my grandfather invented it to be a surgical tool. It didn't work well for that because it was impossible to clean well and Uncle Danny was probably the one to suggest marketing it as a hobby tool.

3. but I don't really know the exact details because I can't recall any conversations with my grandfather who was senile by the time I noticed him. I do recall conversations with Uncle Danny--Louise's father, who was much younger than Sunny. Danny was wonderful and told great adventures about a pair of fleas****. I don't remember talking knives with him. And my mother was a useless source of information. Unlike 90 percent of the world, she hated to talk about personal matters or herself. I am more like my father--and he either had an amazing life or lied like a dog. Who knows? (see #6).

4. I make pretty good scrambled eggs and that was the one thing my mother could cook, too.

5. Rothwell, England was once known for its forced rhubarb and I can always grow rhubarb. Must be in my genes. Everywhere I've lived, I've planted it and I end up yanking out rhubarb plants because they end up taking over a lot of space. Of course that could be the nature of the plant. My husband recalls using rhubarb stalks as weapons when he was a kid.

6. Have I ever told you that as a kid I lied a whole lot? I bet I did. It was a defining characteristic. One of my kids is also big on telling stories that are based on air. I wish he could learn from my mistakes, but then again, it took me a long time to learn. And sometimes I forget. Not often though and probably not any more often than anyone else and they tend not to glorify me any more No more Walter Mitty.

7. I have no arches. Flat flat flat feet. They usually work fine though.

8. I'm about as lazy as a person can get without actually turning into a vegetable. I love lying in bed thinking about my dreams which I almost always remember. I have to force myself to exercise, but lately I've been doing a pretty good job at that. I've lost almost 40 lbs and can now run two miles (ugh. but why? why would anyone want to?) That's two miles on a treadmill. In the real world, it's probably a mile. My flat feet hurt afterwards.

Consider yourself tagged if you want to be. I'm not going to tag anyone because--remember number 8? I'm lazy.

**Yes, I read and love almost all of her poetry. No, I doubt she reads my stuff. God, I hope she doesn't.

****oh crap. I can't remember the fleas' names. This is going to drive me nuts, again.


  1. I love running. I run on a treadmill now though too. I think it is the mindless nature of the activity. I turn the thing on, blow the fuse, reset the fuse and then run my little 3 miles and take a shower. After 30 years of running it isn't even much exercise. My friends keep telling me to stop that I'm going to damage my knees, feet, legs, etc. But I can't stop. I usually don't tell them I do it anymore. The rest of the world has gone to spinning. I have an antique Precor treadmill. She is flat and black and beautiful. When she dies or finally does some real damage to the fusebox, I'll do something else.

  2. I can run away from things, but running is against my principals.
    They didn't like running either.
    My son jogs every day.
    I like long walks.

  3. I only run when chased, but even that's on a case-by-case basis. I briefly had a treadmill and had started getting into the "walk 2 miles every day" habit when the motor burned out. I almost did a face-plant right into the control panel.

    I keep telling myself I'm going to replace it, and then not doing it. Sigh. My ass has reached record proportions so I need to do something STAT.


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