Thursday Thirteen--13 things I want

Check it out! I finally have something official looking

Thirteen Things I want

. . but probably won't get. Pathetic Sigh.

1. A Nora Roberts bobblehead doll

2. A contract with my pal Blunder.

3. A kitten

4. A puppy.

5. A slot on the NYTimes Best Seller List.

6. A better singing voice

7. Lunch in NYC with my favorite group of writer pals.

8. A contract with Rose Hilliard. Or Laura Cifelli. Or Hilary SARES, for God's sake. sobbing

9. Visits from Aya and Naomi at Thanksgiving again. And anyone else who wants to come, LR.

10. My kids to stop fighting with me and each other about computer time.

11. More interesting ideas for this list.

12. A piece of really good chocolate cake, RIGHT NOW. THIS MOMENT. With fudge frosting.

13. A good ending for this damn story I'm writing. Ugh.

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  1. Those bobbleheads are going to sell out in no time.

    Then you'll see the occasional one on ebay for $400.

  2. I could use number 11 too.

    And 12. And 13.

    I think Darla's right about the bobblehead though.

    Maybe you can make your own bobbleheads on CafePress?

  3. I could use a #13. Preferably before I have to submit that manuscript!


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