Thursday Thirteen--words I like

yeah, so it's Friday. Sue me.

I was going to make a list of 13 things Aya left behind (smoke from fingertips, joke money grabber, insta-snow, bits of film, Pocky candy, silicon paint kit, a printer...) most of it on purpose.

But sticking with this week's theme of "I'm Too Lazy to Get Off My Butt" I don't want to wander the house looking for the various Ayaesque things. I'll just sit here and think of words I like the sound of. Not the meaning in particular--just words that are fun to say aloud.

1. Liquid
2. Apocryphal
3. Languid (must like those L words)
4. Snubnose
5. Template
6. Juicy
7. Whisper
8. Onomatopoeia (sort of standard likeable word)
9 Tenderloin
10 Swedenborgian
11 Osteoporosis
12 Silly
13 Momentum

Is ding-dong really a word? I like that one too. So? Which words appeal to you? ("appeal" is a good one. And which has a nice wind to it.)

Hey! Does anyone have a job or internship for a film type? Aya's done with school and looking. She showed us her senior projects--bunch of cute little movies. Also she's a good artist, like her mom, so she does killer story boards.

Here's yet another thing. Enter the contest. Win the big bucks gift certificates!


  1. Geez, you and Doug. Slackers! ;-)

    I'm rather fond of "apocryphal," if we're voting. Though "languid" fits today pretty well.

  2. Anonymous8:41 PM


  3. I like the word "dope." My Gramma used to use it, referring to people, not the drug. I like the word "lobotomy" but not anything else about it. I like the words "walking stick" when referring to the insect.

  4. Whoa! Thanks for the plug! By the way, I think think I did leave something else by mistake.
    I kind of want to tell my film group members that you referred to "Snakepit" as a cute lil movie. They would probably laugh.

  5. just spent several minutes checking out JOR's art - wow - WOW...

    think I especially like her pastels.

  6. Here's another fun one to say: echolalia.

    Darla, better late than never!

  7. I've always liked the word "spawn." (As Kate already knows because it's how I refer to my kids.) And "degenerate" is a great one, too.

  8. I put up my review on Taming Him. Well I am moving this weekend and so busy so I put up something small. But I"m gonna elaborate on it later.


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