SBD reiterating repetitively again

Today, it's The List.
I had no hand in creating most of these items.

A. First, the awesome contest. It's hip, it's viral, it could be worth sixty dollars to you. Enter it.

B. Now the list of romance drinking contests. Please use these games wisely and do not, for god's sake, blame me for the hangover. I'm talking to you, Amelia.

1. Mrs. G's Paranormal Romance Drinking Game
2. Mrs. G's Regency Romance Drinking Game
3. Smart Bitches's Paranormal Romance Drinking Game
4. Smart Bitches's Contemporary Romance Drinking Game.
5 Random romance Novel (or "Nove") Phrases Drinking Game. A mere hint of a game.
6. Andygrrl's Mystery of Udolpho's Drinking Game. (and the rest of the blog is worth a look, too)
7. Miss Marple Marathon Drinking Game (it's sort of like a book, right?)
8. Random unrelated to any sort of reading Drinking Games.


  1. My lord, Kate. I died laughing reading Mrs. G's paranormal drinking game.

    BTW -- You've been tagged. Check out the rules.

  2. Loved the Bitches' Contemporary Romance drinking game.

    Are your ears burning? I posted a recipe for you at my place.

  3. tagged!
    Oy. I'll get to it as soon as I can think of 8 things worth posting about (which might be never).
    And Doug. Good recipes but your eye candy is smirking.

  4. What? Romance reading AND a drinking game? Mixed into one? OMG this is soooo for me! lol. THANK YOU! lol.

  5. I've also tagged you.

    And I dunno WHY you should single me out for a drinking game warning. I'm innocent, I tell you! If I don't remember it, it NEVER HAPPENED!

  6. Amelia, I've been tagged? Where?

  7. I am not understanding this game. And why is there not a Coors Lite game?

  8. Darn, I tagged you too for the same game. These things fly around the net with the speed of Superman on speed. (Uh....let me rephrase that.)
    Anyhow, I'm halfway through your book and lovin' it!!!

  9. ma foi! Henri! Coors Lite? Quelle horreur!

  10. It's been one of those weeks. I feel the need for a drinking game. How's about one of the paranormal ones with some Feehan? I should be plastered by page 10... and then I'll IM Kate. She'll love it.


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