why did I put this picture here?
Because I flipping like it.

The picture exudes major cuteness and attitude from a newly discovered lemur that just wants to be goddamn left alone.

You don't like it then go click on the exploding head video or something. [Blast you, Doug--you're the one who posted that stupid video, right?]

the article about the newly discovered lemurs.


  1. I just love that teeeny little tongue he's sticking out at the camera.

  2. Laure4:31 PM

    What a wonderful pic! Made me smile, which I dearly needed lately. And I'm such a zoology nerd (Okay, I admit I'm a nerd about a lot of stuff) that I loved the article on the enw lemurs.
    On that same article, what I really what to know is who was the moron who first looked at that frog and said, "hmm, wonder what happens if I suck on it?" Yeah, there's a genius.

  3. Oh look at his little fingers!


  4. That thing has more attitude in its left pinky toe than most people do in their entire bodies. It's adorable!


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