Thursday thirteen. 13 things I got wrong

1. I didn't really want girl babies. Good thing too.

2. I should have visited the parental units more often.

3. I should have gone to Israel with Joan instead of going to Camp Rim Rock.

4. The article I wrote years about a murderer could have rocked if I'd overcome my wimpiness and interviewed the 88-year-old surviving girlfriend.

5. I should have written up the notes from all the interviews of D-Day survivors. The article was canceled so I didn't and now I can't figure out where I put the notes.

6. I should have interviewed my dad the way I did my regular interviews.

7. I should have kept up the dang piano lessons.

8. That test I took about 30 years ago--shouldn't have cheated.

9. I should have insisted Gretchen sell me her John Lennon and Yoko Ono signatures (with scrawled drawings) that she got from the Moskowitzes when we were 10. She lost it, but that's her list.

10. I'd done more spectacularly stupid things in my life so this list would be more interesting. If it's in the past, I wouldn't care, right?

11. Getting drunk that one time. Eeewww. Yuck.

12. Oh, the time I stayed at Hannah Beck von Rath's house--I should have done a better job of looking at the art and less of the restless teenager thing.

13. Wasted time, still an ongoing concern. hmm. I suppose rereading books counts? Or umm...reading silly threads?


  1. "Should haves" suck. Hope you're not beating yourself up too much. :)

    Chalk #13 up to sanity-savers. Works for me.

  2. Thanks for the Thirteen Idea. (Keep forgetting to do this.)

    Here's mine, inspired by your continued need to visit anonymous commentators: Thursday Thirteen

  3. What could go wrong at Camp Rim Job?

    You've been there, you've done that: Thirteen Interesting Sex Facts.


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