So the big controversy continues to rage elsewhere. No, nothing about covers. Not the "forced loving" one either. Not the Hershey highway of love--although that's coming close to the issue because no one mentions the santorum factor. Or the sanitary problems. Wash well, boys and girls!

here's the Big Controversy:

What does the writer do about characters' bodily functions--other than those related to sex?
Are they mayflies with no exits built in? Or do we know exactly when they feel the need to excrete?

The condom issue is pretty clear: in the age of AIDS writers are supposed to at least mention them whilst characters are gearing up for sex. If no condom shows up, somebody's got to murmur something about disease or pregnancy.

Less clear is the condom, post-use. Is it okay for the used condoms vanish magically? And hey, why doesn't anyone ever mention the fact that condoms are not much fun to use? Although that's sort of silly--how many ways can it be described other than wearing a raincoat in the shower.

There. That's my rotten SBD. It was inspired in part by this rant by Irene, which is better reading anyway.

Why am I so concerned about bodily function today? Let's just say I just filled a prescription for cipro and leave it at that. TMI.

Next up: yeast infections! What does our medieval heroine do about them?


  1. in the age of AIDS writers are supposed to at least mention them whilst characters are gearing up for sex.

    And that's why my protags are both virgins. Yippee! No condoms!

    Wait. What about birth control? Holy shit.

  2. Mayflies have no exits? Holy shit.

  3. your protags are doctors so they KNOW all about this reproduction thing, doug.

    kathyf--they also don't have mouths, but I skipped that bit.

  4. Mayfly sex must be pretty tame.

    Bathroom functions seem to be the most offensive and, according to one ranter who got her back up over a non-erotic urination scene in one of my books, "unnecessary."

  5. Well, if bathroom functions are unnecessary, I'd like to see that reader do without them (unless he or she is a mayfly, that is).


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