why I have sweetened condensed milk in the pantry

image stolen lifted from the internet. But it looks like the stuff I make, only mine doesn't usually flip out of the pan as nicely.

Yowza, flan = easy and good--the world's best comfort food. Hardest part of the process is carmelizing the sugar.

Preheat oven to 400 F

Mix these things in a bowl:
3 eggs
1 can of sw. condensed milk. NOT EVAPORATED MILK, ya goobers! You can use the skim version of SCM, by the way--if it makes you feel better about yourself. Makes no difference to the taste.
3 cups regular milk (we use skim because that's all we have)
2 tsp vanilla which I always seem to forget but it tastes okay anyway.

Melt 1 cup sugar til it's brown and way too hot. You have to stir it the whole time! Don't walk away! Just put the cup of sugar in a heavy sauce pan, turn on heat and stir, stir, stir. If there are any lumps? You're not there yet. Be patient. Stir, stir, stir

Pour molten lava sugar carefully into a mold (I spray-fat the pan first), coating the sides of the pan with the sugar and then pour egg stuff carefully onto sugar gunk.

Put mold into shallow pan of water (water should reach at least halfway up the mold) and bake for about an hour. Your flan should be golden brown and mostly set. Not completely set is okay because it'll keep cooking after you take it out.
Refrigerate if you have patience.
Before serving, flip onto a big plate. Scoop out the caramel glaze that doesn't drip out with the flan.


there are lots of variations of this--with a lot more eggs and funky goat milk. This is easy and yummy. Celoni, who taught me this recipe, puts drained canned madarin orange slices on hers.


  1. Your damn blog is making mme hungry and I can't reach the creperie for reservations. Argh!!!


    I liked the Charity cover - but Samhain has terrific covers - Scott does them and he is very telented. I don't like 90% of the covers out there - and that includes ALL publishers. Most covers suck - but who cares??? LOL! That's JMO, as they say in blog talk.

  2. gawd yum! I'm running to the store tonight while the kids are at basketball!

    my ass thanks you kate

  3. Flan, yum. My second favorite dessert, after bread pudding without raisins. I'm adding the sweetened condensed milk to my grocery list and will attempt to make flan this weekend :)

  4. flan, creme caramel, creme brulee, creme, cream, whatever.

    Custard plus sugar, crackly or runny, is my favorite, altime most favorite thing in the whole wide world. (Adding a little coffee with the milk so that the custard is even carmellier is divine.)

    Darn you, Kate, now I have an easy recipe for making it.

    grumble, grumble

  5. I hate flan. Passionately.

    However - I am thrilled o=read comments and stumble upon the brilliant idea of putting coffee in my custard. Screw them apple slices and cinnamon on top of vanilla custard pie, I'm gonna make coffee custard topped with dark chocolate shavings.

    PS: Kate, you're a domestic goddeess. And I mean that in the GOOD way.

  6. Hmmm. question: how can you hate flan yet like custard? Is it rather like hating ice cream but liking dairy queen?

    the goddeess

  7. Because flan is all wet-booger in texture. Custard is smooth and creamy, without the booger. Duh.

    ~aunt beff

  8. Um Beth, what the hell kind of flan have you been eating LOL? Have you ever had Costco's flan? It is divine and what I always want instead of Birthday cake. Birthday flan, mmmmmmm.

  9. ...only THREE eggs?

    My recipe calls for 8 egg yolks--it's a recipe I've not yet tried, by the way.

    But you've given me an idea. Little flans in little tartlet pans!

  10. Just so you know, I FUCKING LOVE FLAN.

    I love flan so much, it's not even funny.

  11. I made your flan tonight, but we haven't tasted it yet. It is (I pray) continuing to cook in its water bath.

    Crossing my fingers . . .

    May, that threw me, too. I really had to restrain myself from adding an extra egg yolk or two.

  12. Just read the other comments. Yeah Beth, what's up? Wet boogers?

    Hey, does anyone remember Junket? Do they still sell that stuff? Boy, did that stuff ever blow.


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