If flan is too much work. .

and you want a goopitty** sweet bit of food.

put a half handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a bowl.
nearly melt them in the microwave.
add one sliced banana to nearly-melted chips
put back in the microwave for 5-60 seconds, depending on your idea of banana-moosh heaven.

remove from microwave, stir.

optional: add frozen trader joe raspberries for their contrasting cold firmness and slightly tart flavor. Do not thaw them or they get everything too wet.

If the resulting dish is too ugly for you (and yes, it is ugly) use spray whipped cream to cover it all.

If you want to get ultra-sophisticated, you can splash in a bit of some kind of fancy-ass liqueur. I haven't done that but sounds good, doesn't it? And if you don't think this dish contains enough calories, I bet a spot of butter or heavy cream heated with the chips will remedy that problem as well as add un peu richness.


**gloopy for you cogniscenti out there

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