THE most embarrassing

Share your worst email moment.

Chances are it was the wrong person seeing the wrong email, like the time you wrote a letter complaining about your editor and sent it to your agent without noticing you'd cc'd it to the editor in question (this did happen to a friend of mine.)

So what the heck--your newly-ex-boyfriend already saw that note about the size of his penis you meant to send to your best friend--why not tell us about it? The note, not the penis, although feel free to discuss that.

I decided this could be interesting after reading Lauren Dane's comment a couple of posts down.

My moment: the goopy note I sent to my husband . . . and everyone else on my email list. My bosses. My family. Everyone.


  1. Once at a former job, I replied to an invitation to begin discussion of various bureaucratic negotiations from a very very VERY prickly foreign diplomat - I'd worked MONTHS to get tho this point with him - with something like "I ALREADY did that, you slack-ass. You never listen to me, even though you should know what a goddess I am by now. FEAR MY SPREADSHEETS! WORSHIP ME!"

    It was supposed to go to a coworker. Obviously.

    Also one time a friend and I were gossiping about a mutual friend via email, and he said "hey I lost her new email address" - so I sent it to him. Typed it into the cc field, so I could let autofill do its job. Then didn't delete it, so she got the whole string. They both found it really funny that I was so mortified, since it didn't bother her at all. But still.

  2. Yes, well, blushes. I quadruple check my "to" lines now after that. Oh, once I sent a private email about a manuscript rejection to a larger author group. Hi, I'm lame, this is the bruising rejection I just got! I'm just special that way.

  3. I did this once at work. I sent an article I wrote to the person to confirm her quotes, and she wrote back that she was disappointed I didn't include something we'd discussed during the interview.

    I wrote something like, "What do you want me to do here?" or "What do you want to do about this?" and thought I'd hit forward, to send it to my boss. No, of course not. I'd hit reply.

    My boss called the woman, who apparently thought nothing of my e-mail (thank goodness). I hadn't been especially snarky, but it definitely sounded curt if I'd intended it to go to her. It's made me a lot more careful about checking the To: and CC: areas.

  4. I'm usually very careful about addresses, so I haven't sent anything to the wrong person yet, thank goodness.

    Though I once addressed a lady (sales manager of a Romanian shipyard) named Mrs Dragomir as Mrs Boromir. Well, if she saw Lord of the Rings and thought Sean Bean was yummy, she may well have been flattered.

  5. Not embarassing but kinda funny. My husband is careful about e-mail and such at work - everthing is a professional footing, etc. Anyways, he was e-mailing his best buddy and the title was something like Contract for 'whatever' and then in the message Bob said, I did that so I wouldn't trip the spam alert etc.

    Moments later an e-mail from their IT guy showed up and said 'you have to do better than that.'

    I think Bob was stunned that they really do read most of the e-mails but because Bob was joking and such the IT guy joked with him about it so it wasn't as much embarassing as 'holy shit, they read my e-mail!!!'

    Just when we all thought we were so boring.


  6. Cindy that's hysterical!!!

    I Remember once (and I"m just paranoid now about stuff like this) bitching t a friend of mine about a hypochondriac on this email list we were on and OOPS yeah sent it to the list!

  7. At the end of a campaign, I discovered evidence that our volunteer coordinator, Danny H., was actually in cahoots with our opponent, which I'd sort of suspected all along. Feeling helpless to do anything, I sent Danny a scathing email--I remember calling him lower than a worm and other choice phrases--and then at the end said, "and you'll never know who I cc'd this email to." And I bcc'd it to several people I knew who worked in politics around town. I got responses back from them like "WTF?!" and "I don't want to ever mess with you!"

    The next day I discovered that my "evidence" was like that game of Telephone. The message had been garbled and didn't really say what I thought it had. Danny H. was innocent, of that charge at least.

    Needless to say, I apologized, and Danny H. was such a suck up he forgave me. But I still learned a lesson.

  8. ow.

    These are all awesomely cringe-worthy.


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