if the SBTB don't come through with a title, I'll grant one

the lemur again because he is so unnaturally cute

I'll give Candy and Sarah til tomorrow and then I'll mess around and make an online button or something using the lemur with 'tude.

It'll have something to do with a bitch of a writer/reader in honor of the long week of snark, antisnark, metasnark and antimetasnark. What a long week.

And then I'll give the button away to some deserving person. Probably the one person who bothers to be blogging on a holiday weekend. The one OTHER person, I mean. Or maybe I'll forget to do it and eat too many hamburgers. Oh, hey, I still have a whole lot of beer, too.

UPDATE: FIVE minutes later Sarah SB posts. FIVE MINUTES. Clearly I have the bitches running in fear. Heh, fear me, bitches.


  1. Son 16:42 PM

    The lemur is obviously evil.


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