Time for a new identity!

Summer's doing well, so she can maintain the course. Steady as she goes, Summer.

Kate, on the other hand, is feeling as if her day came and went. TPTB are not returning calls or emails.

Kate, always paranoid, feels that she should do something. She** is considering the standard author trick of pretending to be someone new. She likes the idea of being A Rising New Star, A Fresh New Voice, someone Filled With Grand Potential.

She'll probably slip up and reveal The Truth because she is something of a blabberer.

Pshaw, it's win-win. She gets caught pretending to be a Neophyte Awther, she can count that as publicity, right? There will a raging argument in a few blogs, she will send out her friends to defend her while remaining mysteriously silent on the subject. The message? Wrongly accused but not bitter, Kate cannot allow this to interrupt her writing. Escalating nasty fights will break out, but she will look professional because she remains above the fray. She's too busy to be bothered with the petty, petty nonsense.

No, wait. Not she won't remain entirely silent. Her website will contain a big red message message: "I would love to speak out but on advice of my Attorney must remain silent." (She will not reveal that she calls her dog Attorney.)

In fact the message draw in curious readers who will buy her books and comb through them to see if they can find evidence of plagiarism, or a defaming description of a real person. What has she done that requires legal help????

10:36 a.m. UPDATE: edited to remove distracting paragraphs

* * * * *
I wish I could present my side of the story, but on advice of my Attorney, I have decided I must remain silent.

There. Let's see if it works.


** From now on she is going to speak of herself in the third person because it seems to work for Summer.


  1. Now that was a great chuckle this morning.
    I combed through your book again recently and found no signs of plagiarism. You're safe for now.

  2. I think you should take the advice you gave me and branch out into a different genre. Chick lit. I see you as the author of the 21st Century's Sex and the City.

    A child told me yesterday, "I have scrunchy boogers in my nose," to which I replied, "Ooooh, those are the worst, aren't they?"

    Just be glad you don't have scrunchy boogers.

  3. I'm all for it--as long as the biggest catfight gets to happen on Smart Bitches.

  4. LOL - that's a good one.
    And when you get another (secret) identity don't forget to tell me first!


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