Go Bonnie Dee!!

I've been ranting for people to read her damn books. RANTING. And at last Bam did--she read Bone Deep and got it.

Whew. I can relax a bit.

Yes, duh, I had nothing to do with it. But every now and then you find a book that you take under your wing and feel personally responsible for. Okay, maybe you don't--and I'm the only person who does this. Cue creepy fangirl music. (What was the tune in Misery?)

I want a big name publisher to grab Bonnie Dee and pay her lots of money and make her write lots of books for me. I've liked everything of hers I've read--some I love better than others but. . .. that's not the point. Hey, her latest one, a series of novellas is great, by the way. I think they go together just fine, thanks, a criticism I read somewhere or another. (I like the way one character from one story drifts into another story)

It's funny but I feel that strongly about writers like Teresa Bodwell, Paula Reed and Flo Fitzpatrick, and some of the other RU**ers but I know them and so can't bring myself to rant about their books, the way I do Bonnie Dee, whom I've never met. I love the RUers for who they are as well as their books and feel like I can't be impartial enough to blather about them all over the internet.

(I love Sandy Blair and Sally MacKenzie too, but they're getting plenty of attention without my help.)

Hey speaking of people who are supposed to be writing more books for me to read, where the heck is Nonnie St. George?


**I haven't read every Romance Unleashed book which is my excuse.


  1. Thanks a million for doing legwork on my behalf. I'm thrilled you feel strongly enough about Bone Deep and the other books to work as an unpaid publicist!
    I often feel like I fall down on the job as far as getting my name out there, but it's hard to be everywhere at once. It's even harder to be the little kid on the diving board screaming, "Look at me, ma! Look at me, me, me!!" I appreciate having someone willing to do that for me.

  2. I bought Bone Deep after reading Bam's review, 'cause it sounded interesting, plus Bam just cracks me up.

    Related to your books, Summer/Kate, I have Learning Charity and Somebody to Love TBR. Any recommendation on which to read first? I know, not related, different "authors", etc., just wondering if you prefer one story to the other.

  3. jmc! you tell me which one you like better or if you like either of them.

    I like Somebody Wonderful best of everything in print but that's probably because I had fun writing it and it sold first.

    Of LC and STL. Hmmm. I don't know which. They're very different. One's more like a sketch, really.

    Once they're published, I have trouble rereading my stories because I see too many things I wish I had done differently. I still like the character Araminta in STL though.

  4. Don't listen to her, jmc. My billing gal got the serious damp from Somebody to Love. She's still talking about it.

  5. I bought 2 more of Bonnie Dee's books (Piscean Dreams and Homebound). I'm poor, but what the hell. I don't gotta eat!


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