I blame the rain

1st thing I did wrong: not follow my own advice and avoid blogs that make me roll my eyes.
2nd thing: pay attention to people who are clearly in pain and venting.
3rd thing: answer them with anything other than "I'm sorry you're so upset."
4th: use my own name. [stupid author behavior! STUPID]
5th: expand here:

Listen. I know from unpopular girls. I was one right through 11th grade (when I figured out I didn't really give a damn. Who cares what other people think? And suddenly I had some friends.) Cliques don't acknowledge the presence of non-members.

Here's the test in person:
You see some people standing in a circle talking. You walk up. If they drift away, or if they keep on talking even after you say hello--without saying hello or smiling--you're dealing with a clique. Hello to all you chic playground moms! See you in the fall, although you probably won't see me because I'm invisible.

Here's the test in a blog:
You disagree the owner or her friends? Oops, your message is erased. You don't understand the topic? You ask questions and are ignored. . .See? Pretty easy tests.

The bitches are equal opportunity bitches. All are welcome to snark and defend themselves and never have I ever seen any post dumping. Eye rolling? Sure. But they can take it as well as dish it out. Just check out some of the back and forths with people they disagree with. Back and forths. As in conversation.

There. I'm done. Unless I can think of some other way to traipse around the internet and trash my career. Any suggestions? Leave them below. I promise not delete them.


  1. I think if you were to post those embarrassing photos of you and Summer at that party last Spring when you both got so wasted and, eh, friendly, then you could damage your internet persona a little more.

    In the meantime, I wouldn't worry about it.

    You've exhibited a clear ability to be rational while using your own name. Good attribute, that.

    Signed by the woman behind the mask....Suisan

  2. Oh shit! I thought I'd deleted all of the photos of me and Summer. Listen, it wasn't my fault. She set me up, the bitch.

  3. and btw, Suisan, thanks for the candy/sugar advice. It's still intimidating.

  4. Heh. It never occurred to me that that really could be Suisan behind the mask.

  5. another way to ruin my career--
    mock my fellow writers, busily posting anonymously over there.

    Here goes:
    what a bunch of whiny assed titty babies! Jeepers!

    I mean, yeah, you get a bad review, you're allowed to be a WATB for a little while. You snarl and rant. You write to your closest writer friends (and NO ONE ELSE) you make a nice mental picture of the reviewer being smothered by ten thousand stinking elephants. and then YOU FORGET THE REVIEW, THE REVIWER AND YOU MOVE ON TO YOUR NEXT BOOK.

    WATB is not a way to lead more than an hour or so of your life after a stinking review. These people need to lance those nasty boils and then never ever never NEVER visit a snarky blog again. It's leaving ugly scars on 'em.

    Me too. If I post about that naty blog or this subject again?

    Hold me under water until I turn blue. Not hard to find deep water. My backyard will do. . .

  6. Damn you Kate, I'd almost forgotten about the existence of that blog.

    I'm surprised she's decided to pack it up so soon. It would have been a good place for AAR (Authors Against Reviewers) members to club together and anonymously have a good old bitching session about us bastard readers and bloggers. *g*

  7. I think a playboy spread would do wonders for any woman's career. Just look at all those successful centerfolds...wait, where'd they go?

  8. I've been link clicking for over an hour now - Damn! But, I think your career will be unharmed.

  9. Argh! I knew I shouldn't have looked. WTF?

    At some point, the responses to you stopped making any sense at all. Or maybe I'm just a silly worker bee, but why is it bad that you're speaking from experience and know what it means to get a bad review and can get past it?

    Dude, that's what IM is for with your best friends. You whine, eat a cupcake, make your husband get take out chinese on his way home from work and you eat all the seafood egg rolls and click to the five star review you got elsewhere and move on. OOps, TMI.

    Like we're made of glass? Cause if so, shouldn't we just chuck it in altogether? If we can't hack it when someone doesn't like our books and says so? Yeah, it sucks to get a bad review but I can't imagine setting up an anonymous blog to cry about it.


  10. I'm going to reveal my dirty little secret to y'all, since you're part of my clique and shit:

    I'm secretly Bill O'Reilly.

  11. Lauren? If the world of whiney writers would finally feel the truth of this:
    "Dude, that's what IM is for with your best friends. You whine, eat a cupcake, make your husband get take out chinese on his way home from work and you eat all the seafood egg rolls and click to the five star review you got elsewhere and move on. OOps, TMI."
    It would save me some time because I can't seem to stop my sick fascination with the anger o'er there.

    Oh My God.
    Heh, I suppose it could be worse--you could be La Coulter.

  12. I'm secretly Rush on crack.

    The feminist bloggers ignore ya good. They don't think romance writers are smart or feminist enough 4 some reason. Be sure and use lots of emoticons. I add links with sparklies. It just kills them good.

    I lurves me some feminists

  13. Bite your tongue, Kate. My adam's apple isn't nearly big enough to be Coulter's.


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